Busy Women Can Stay Fit, Too

– In today’s busy, high-tech era, women are carrying more and more responsibility. Society expects them to earn a living; climb the corporate ladder; manage a home; and provide for the family by cooking, cleaning, doing laundry and helping care for them. In addition, these women — who are spread too thinly and on-call 24/7 — are expected to look good and feel good.
Many women say to themselves, “I used to be very active and worked out every day. These days, I find it hard to fit exercise and diet into my day.” They often ask, “What can I do, and where can I start?”
It’s a simple question that typically gets a not-so-simple answer. In order to see that people get and stay healthy, here are some quick tips for those busy women and even men.
* Get on a scale, take a photo, and set a goal. You must start somewhere. Find out where you are today. Then, set a small, short-term, obtainable goal. Write it down next to your photo.
* MyFitnessPal.com. It features a calorie counter, food journal and a social network community, all free online or by app.
* That Crazy Wrap Thing.
At the same time you’re doing laundry, you can tighten, tone and firm with an in-house wrap from It Works! Global (www.itworksglobal.com). User reviews say that the body wrap motivates them to workout.
* Get up and go workout. You schedule dental checkups, haircuts, salon sessions and soccer practices — why not schedule your fitness? Schedule a 30-minute workout four to six times per week. If you don’t, it won’t happen. If you can’t spare 30 minutes, squeeze in a vigorous 10 minutes that day.
* Photo food journal. Studies show that photographing and journaling your meal is six times more effective for curbing overeating.
* Cut sugar and starches. Avoid white-colored food except cauliflower and meats.
* Join a group exercise program. Yoga, spin and CrossFit, among others, are all great ways to meet new friends and enjoy the familiarity and accountability of group exercise.

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