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“Love hormone” Nasal spray could reduce calorie intake in men

A recent study has found that a single dose of nasal spray containing the hormone oxytocin led to reduced caloric intake in healthy men. In particular, the synthetic nasal formulation reduced the consumption of fatty foods. The findings were presented at the 97th annual meeting of the Endocrine Society and confirmed the findings of previous […]

7th Heaven Mom Advocates Prescription Drug Safety

If used moderately and as directed, prescription medicines help ease many health conditions and cure others. But some people don’t know the risks of keeping medications unsecured in the home, especially medications that have a high potential to be abused, such as stimulants, tranquilizers and pain relievers. Easy-to-find medicines can be abused by anyone entering […]

A Doctor’s initiative for improving overall Economic Health

A doctor’s initiative to improve overall economic health of Country. Dr. Ritesh Ritesh Malik (MBBS) from a medical family, owing a hospital in Delhi left his profession and entered his passion area of startups. He says that Coworking centers are the future of business in India. Startups gaining a huge momentum have caused a lot […]

Abortion : Safe or Not ?

The safety of abortion depends on whom one asks. National data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) indicate that induced abortion and miscarriage are the safest outcomes of pregnancy. In contrast, abortion opponents routinely claim that abortion is unsafe. They do this by cherry-picking studies, citing obsolete literature, extrapolating inappropriately and misinterpreting […]

Aspirin Can it Improve Your Vascular Health?

A low dose (81 milligrams) of enteric-coated baby aspirin has been shown to reduce the rate of heart attacks and strokes in patients with vascular disease by approximately 25 percent. In addition, some researchers suggest taking a low dose aspirin daily has numerous other benefits for patients, including reducing the risk of colon cancer. There […]

Bed Bugs: Unwelcome Hitchhikers

Your bed might seem like a respite after time spent away from home — until you wake up covered in red, itchy bites. Unfortunately, this scenario is becoming more common; bed bugs are on the rise, and many travelers bring them home as unwanted souvenirs. Bed bugs are insects that feed on human blood. Dark […]

Can’t Stop Smoking? Protect Your Smile

– When people discuss the health effects of tobacco, they rarely mention tooth loss. Yet, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 41.3 percent of daily smokers over age 65 are toothless, compared to 20 percent of the nonsmoking population. How does smoking put gaps in your smile? All forms of tobacco, […]