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Fresh Fruit Delivers Fun and Nutrition

(NewsUSA) – It’s a fact. When you give kids a chance to create their own meals, they’re more likely to eat them. It’s also true that kids don’t often make the wisest choices. That’s why parents are grateful for fruit. Naturally delicious and notoriously healthy, fresh fruit is the perfect ingredient for getting kids to […]

Weight Loss Youth Icon-Jr. Ambani

If you think you are too fat to loss weight, then Jr. Ambani can be the personality to follow on. Anant ambani who was once considered to be too fat to become fit has just shed 70 kilos of weight and has become perfect person to follow. Anant Ambani who appeared to be 140 kgs in […]

New Science Behind Avocado Oil

(NewsUSA) – Health nuts and fitness enthusiasts, take note. New research from Europe shows that avocado oil can be a significant source of the vitamin CoQ10. The research shows that Olivado cold-pressed, extra virgin avocado oils contain significant quantities of CoQ10, a much desired vitamin-like substance that has been shown to produce significant health benefits. […]

Need an Easy, Healthy Lunch?

Those who want to save money and improve their diets can’t do better than brown-bagging their lunch. Look for recipes that use fresh, whole ingredients and that combine protein with healthy carbohydrates. For example, the following recipe for Rio Star Grapefruit & Quinoa Salad combines vegetables and citrus fruit with quinoa, a whole grain that […]

With Help From Chile, Blueberries Stay Fresh All Winter

(NewsUSA) – They’re delicious, nutritious and versatile. They’re naturally fat-free, high in vitamin C and a rich source of antioxidants. Americans love them in cereals, salads, sauces and as toppings and by the handful, but when winter comes around, many people assume fresh blueberry season is over. Not so fast. When the snow flies in […]

5 Yummy Tips for Healthy Snacking

(NewsUSA) – When family schedules go into overload, healthy eating is easily overlooked. And when time is tight, it’s even more important for snacks to pack a nutritional punch. For busy families on the go, try these healthy snacking tips from chef and registered dietitian Michelle Dudash. 1. Plan Ahead. Carrying family snacks in your […]

Daily Supplement Proven to Help With Osteoarthritis

– New research using cutting-edge Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) for the first time confirms that pharmaceutical grade chondroitin sulphate (CSbBIO-ACTIVE) significantly helps reduce the effects of osteoarthritis in the knee. Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis, affecting 27 million people in the U.S. alone. Over time, this condition leads to breakdown of the […]