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Why It’s Time to Start Drinking More Water

(NewsUSA) – While it may not be a cure-all, the benefits of drinking water are numerous. So, why do Americans find it so difficult to sip from what is arguably the fountain of youth? Answers vary, but the fact is, one in 10 Americans drink zero cups of water per day, according to a study […]

Tips to Get Better Sleep and Lower Risk of Stroke

According to David H. Stone, M.D., a vascular surgeon at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center and member of the Society for Vascular Surgery, poor sleep is one factor that can lead to stroke. “Research says less than six hours a night increases the risk of stroke symptoms four-fold among middle-age to older adults who had a normal […]

For Healthy Babies, Yum-Factor Matters

matters when it comes to baby food. Erin Jarvis was getting desperate. Her 7-month-old daughter Autumn simply wasn’t eating any store-bought food. Like so many moms and dads, Jarvis was worried her baby wasn’t getting the nutrition needed for proper growth. Then she tried Baby Gourmet, a new arrival to the U.S. market and available […]

Are Allergies Causing Your Bad Breath?

If you find that your sniffling, sneezing and runny eyes are accompanied by mouth odor, you’re not alone; seasonal allergies are associated with halitosis, or bad breath. Bad breath is caused by the same destructive bacteria that cause plaque and gum disease. They live in the mouth, where they feed on carbohydrates consumed as food. […]

Abortion- Do’s & Dont’s

Abortion- Do’s & Dont’s explains Dr. Queen Aditya, Gynecologist, Delhi Sometimes we face challenges in life with unwanted pregnancy. Big question comes when you are pregnant. Now what to do to stop this in earlier stage, Should you go for abortion, if yes, what are the do’s and dont’s for the same, what are the options […]

Weight Loss Youth Icon-Jr. Ambani

If you think you are too fat to loss weight, then Jr. Ambani can be the personality to follow on. Anant ambani who was once considered to be too fat to become fit has just shed 70 kilos of weight and has become perfect person to follow. Anant Ambani who appeared to be 140 kgs in […]