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The Truth Behind 4 Food Myths M

(NewsUSA) – Don’t you just hate food scolds? Especially when they’re as certain they’re right as all those tech geniuses were about iPhones never replacing Blackberries. Well, in some cases, people are actually basing their assumptions on either pure myth or the latest diet fad. You know, as in: Gluten is bad for you. And […]

What Every Woman Should Know About Long-Term Care

With women generally outliving men, planning for long-term care becomes more urgent for them in their pre-retirement years. After all, while longevity definitely has its upside — including more time to enjoy travel and family — there’s no denying its biggest potential downside: the increased risk of health problems that can make caring for oneself […]

Don’t Wait for Symptoms, Ask About PAD Now

One out of every 20 Americans over age 50 is diagnosed with Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD). The worst part of this reality is that most people with PAD don’t experience any symptoms. PAD is dangerous, especially when there are no warning signs. Peripheral Arterial Disease is a progressive disease commonly called clogged arteries in the […]

Women: Identify Your Migraine Triggers

) – Migraines — those chronic, severe headaches that cause intense, crippling pain that is often accompanied by nausea, and sensitivity to light and sound — have triggers, or a variety of factors and events that make them more likely to occur. Not every migraine sufferer has the same triggers, and the same migraine sufferer […]

Dizziness, why it occurs ?

Dizziness- Symptoms & Causes explained by Dr. Parvez Ali Ahmed in Hindi.  The brain coordinates information from the eyes, the inner ear, and the body’s senses to maintain balance. If any of these information sources is disrupted, the brain may not be able to compensate. For example, people sometimes experience motion sickness because the information […]

महिलाओं में स्मोकिंग से ब्रेन हैमरेज का खतरा

ज्यादा सिगरेट पीने वाली महिलाएं ब्रेन हैमरेज का शिकार जल्दी होती हैं… इसके अलावा कई और समस्याएं उन्हें घेर लेती हैं..पूरी जानकारी के लिए देखिए ये वीडियो