Dr. Renu Shashtri

Happiness lies in Good Sleep

If you’re looking for an increase in happiness, it may be as simple as adjusting your sleep habits. Technically speaking, REM sleep is the most restorative time for your body. This sleep cycle happens 70-90 minutes after you’ve drifted off into your slumber, and during this time, blood flow is drawn away from your brain and […]

Why Yoga is Good For You

Most of the people think that yoga can improve flexibility and reduce stress. While those benefits are certainly powerful reasons to start practicing, there are other health perks of yoga that go far beyond becoming more Zen and bending yourself into a pretzel. Here are 6 reasons to do yoga in your life- For all the emotional eaters out […]

Essence of Yoga

The Ultimate Truth is so simple, It, in and of itself, can never be known, communicated through language, nor be written about.  It cannot be found in any book, nor be gained through any effort, nor be given to you by some higher force.  It is never different from you and nothing outside of yourself […]

Benefits of Coconut Oil

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, considered to be a Super Food of our day, is one of the healthiest oils in the world.  Increasing your metabolism & reducing the number of fat cells in the body, Coconut Oil is used for effective weight loss & healthy weight maintenance. Controlling diabetes by stabilizing blood sugar levels, Coconut […]